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Our Pathways are created to support and challenge both the support network and the athlete to Bring More. They are designed to provide opportunities and incentives for you to excel and aspire for greater academic and sporting success.

How Queen’s Support Performance Sport

How Queen's Support Performance Sport

Personal Development Programme (A.I.M)

“Scaffolding is the support given during the learning process which is tailored to the needs of the student with the intention of helping the student achieve his/her learning goals”
(Sawyer, 2006).

Our 100+ Scholarship athletes are challenged to achieve and maintain sporting and academic success. Our personal development programme (A.I.M) outlines some of the scaffolding available, encouraging our athletes to lean into theories that improve performance.


Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength

Phil Jackson

Without self-discipline, success is impossible

Lou Holtz

Push yourself again and again

Larry Bird

Champions keep playing until they get it right

Billie Jean King


  • Quality coaching
  • Fitness + skill development
  • Academic mentoring
  • Sports clothing
  • Financial awards based on merit
  • Personal strength + conditioning
  • Academic flexibility
  • Medical support
  • + many more benefits
  • Rugby, GAA, soccer, rowing, hockey
  • Provincial representative players at Junior or Senior level
  • Proven record at school level, i.e College All-Star, Schools Cup winner
  • Top ranked Ulster Academy member or Inter-County Senior/U21
  • Established Inter-County player, e.g started one Senior Championship match
  • Proven record of success at National Level
100+ Academy Scholarships available annually from 8th August

Elite Athlete
Programme (EAP)

  • Fees - £3,000 p/a
  • Accommodation - £2,000 p/a
  • Travel/subsistence allowance
  • Academic mentoring
  • Sports clothing
  • Personal strength + conditioning
  • Academic flexibility
  • Medical support
  • + all other academy benefits
  • Proven Junior or Senior International
  • Participation at Olympic Games, World + European C'ships
  • Meet the academic standards for entry to QUB
  • Part of an International Pathway
  • Highly ranked within their chosen sport
  • Proven record of success
  • Meet specific test scores relevant to sport
14 Elite Athlete Scholarships available annually from 5th September

Queen's Sports

  • Bursaries based on merit
  • Free gym membership (PEC)
  • Sports clothing
  • Sports medicine via University Health
  • Personal development programmes
  • Academic flexibility
  • International representative funding
  • Represent non-academy sports
  • Proven record at school level
  • Participation at Commonwealth Games
  • Proven record of success at National Level
20+ Queen's Sports Bursaries available annually from 8 August
Queen’s Sport Clubs
50+ Clubs available to join