Learn more about Queen’s Sports Bursaries

The Queen's Sports Bursaries provide support for those non-academy athletes who are developing in their chosen sport. They also support students to compete nationally and on the world stage in events such as the World University Games.

Why Choose the Queen's Sports Bursaries at Queen’s?

Choose Queen’s to take you to the next level. We feel we are the best choice due to our:

  • World renowned education
  • Top class facilities
  • Support network
  • Programme benefits
  • Cost-efficient city centre location

Important Application Dates

Application status
Opens 1st July 2018
Closing date
5th October 2018
Award Notification
19th October 2018
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  • Bursaries based on merit
  • Free gym membership (PEC)
  • Sports clothing
  • Sports medicine via University health
  • Personal development programmes
  • Academic flexibility
  • International Representative funding

Queen’s University recognises that combining high level sport and higher education can be difficult. The University is fully supportive of Queens Sports Bursary athletes who manage themselves well and are proactive in organising their sport and their studies. The University has therefore developed the following guidelines for ACADEMIC FLEXIBILITY to allow those students to combine their sporting responsibilities with their academic requirements:

  • Deadlines
  • Examinations
  • Leave of absence/authorised absence from scheduled classes
  • Longer study period

Both the student and the University have a responsibility to ensure that athletes can compete at the highest level whilst also meeting the requirements of their academic programmes.

  • Represent non-academy sports
  • Proven record at school level
  • Participation at Commonwealth Games
  • Proven record of success at national level
  • Attend and progress through four individual meetings per year
  • Represent Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) in all competitions
  • Act as ambassadors of QUB and Queen’s Sport (QS)
  • Wear the QUB branded apparel of their respective QUB Sports Club while competing on behalf of the University
  • Travel with the relevant QUB Sports Team or Club
  • Support Marketing and Recruitment and attend relevant promotional events/functions
  • Seek permission from QS to represent non-QUB affiliated Clubs or Teams on exceptional circumstances
  • Commit to training and testing as specified within the performance pathway of your sport
  • Attend all Personal Development Events (A.I.M)